Supporting interdisciplinary approaches to cancer research. The CSBC initiative supports research that investigates the challenges of complexity in basic and translational cancer research through the explicit combination of experimental biology and computational modeling, multi-dimensional data analysis, and systems engineering.

Arizona Cancer and Evolution Center

Arizona Cancer and Evolution Center

The mission of the Arizona Cancer and Evolution Center (ACE) is to advance our fundamental understanding of cancer and its clinical management through the development and application of evolutionary and ecological models to cancer biology.

An integrated systems approach for incompletely penetrant onco-phenotypes

An Integrated Systems Approach for Incompletely Penetrant Onco-Phenotypes

We aim to identify key molecular networks upstream of incompletely penetrant phenotypes to better understand the transition from tumor initiation to progression and to develop more effective therapeutic interventions.

  • Tumor-Immune


  • Heterogeneity / Evolution

    Heterogeneity / Evolution

  • Drug Resistance / Sensitivity

    Drug Resistance / Sensitivity

  • Metastasis


  • Micro Environment

    Micro Environment