About CSBC: Team

CSBC Data And Resource Coordinating Center

As the Data and Resource coordinating center for the CSBC program, Sage Bionetworks is dedicated to fostering an open and collaborative scientific culture in which CSBC researchers can rapidly collaborate across institutional boundaries. We work to engage all the centers at the level of active scientific research in order to build a unified interface to program resources. Using the Synapse informatics platform, we are able to provide centralized environment that supports active collaboration while research is in progress, rather than simply an archival system for completed study resources. Synapse helps scientific teams integrate disparate data, find and correct analysis errors faster, and organize diverse teams around complex scientific problems. Unplanned and innovative connections among projects emerge across initial project boundaries over time because all these projects are hosted on the same service, and the work is publicly visible.  As the CSBC coordinating center, we also engage scientific communities and the public around CSBC and PS-ON data and interests through activities such as DREAM challenges, curriculum, and the CSBC website.

Justin Guinney, PhD

Justin Guinney, PhD, Director

Justin is the Director of the Computational Oncology group at Sage Bionetworks. His group contains specialists from multiple domains, including molecular biology, computer science, and oncology, and focuses on the development of computational models for optimizing patient diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment in cancer. Justin is an expert at large-scale analysis of genomic data, and works regularly with clinicians to link these models to complex cancer phenotypes.

Sara Gosline, PhD

Sara Gosline, PhD, Senior Research Scientist

Sara is a Senior Research Scientist at Sage Bionetworks who leads the development and implementation of best practices and standards for the access, integration and analysis of scientific data across a multitude of scientific communities, including CSBC. She has contributed to the creation of multiple CSBC working groups and is currently leading the CSBC & PS-ON single-cell RNAseq working group.

Brian White, PhD

Brian White, PhD, Senior Research Scientist

Brian is a Senior Research Scientist at Sage Bionetworks. He co-leads the CSBC/PS-ON tumor deconvolution working group. Other recent interests include dissecting transcriptomic subtypes according to their immune response in colorectal cancer, inferring molecular covariates of drug response in acute myeloid leukemia and of patient survival in multiple myeloma, and development of a variational Bayesian statistical approach for detecting cancer subclones from sequencing data.

James Eddy, PhD

James Eddy, PhD, Senior Research Scientist

James is a biomedical engineer and computational biologist with extensive experience applying technology, data analysis, and programming to challenges in biology and human health. As a Senior Research Scientist at Sage Bionetworks, he develops infrastructure, standards, and resources to support scientific communities such as the CSBC.

Julie Bletz, PhD

Julie Bletz, PhD, Senior Research Scientist

Julie is a Senior Research Scientist helps to manage the scientific programs in the Computational Oncology group at Sage Bionetworks. She has a background in genetics and molecular biology and has experience coordinating large multidisciplinary research efforts focused on tackling challenging questions in cancer research.

Milen Nikolov, PhD

Milen Nikolov, PhD, Research Scientist

Milen is a Research Scientist at Sage Bionetworks who applies his interdisciplinary training in computer science, physics and math to the modeling of complex systems. He is developing and implementing strategies to promote the uploading and sharing of CSBC data to facilitate collaborations within the CSBC community and beyond to the larger cancer research community.

Xindi Guo

Xindi Guo, Research Associate

Xindi is a Research Associate at Sage Bionetworks who designs, develops and implements tools that improve the management and sharing of research assets from the Cancer Systems Biology Consortium.

Xengie Doan, MS, Research Associate

Xengie Doan, MS, Research Associate, Research Associate

Xengie is a Research Scientist at Sage Bionetworks who has a background in bioinformatics and bench science. They maintain, create, and evaluate tools to manage the share data information from CSBC.