• 09.17.18 |

    CSBC Centers host Summer Undergraduate Research Interns.

    Sixteen college students completed research this summer through the 2018 Systems Biology and Physical Sciences Summer Research Program, coordinated by the National Cancer Institute as part of the CSBC’s ongoing efforts in education and outreach.

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  • 09.12.18 |

    Systems Approaches to Cancer Biology Meeting.

    The Systems Approaches to Cancer Biology conference is organized by the Association of Early Career Cancer Systems Biologists (AECCSB) and aims to bring together scientific leaders and up-and-coming investigators applying systems methods to better understand cancer systems biology. Learn more

  • 09.12.18 |

    2018 CSBC/PSON Annual Meeting.

    The annual investigators meeting brings together investigators from the CSBC and the Physical Sciences – Oncology Network (PSON) to share their recent research findings, new experimental approaches, and research resources that are available to the community. Learn more

  • 03.15.18 |

    Announcing Systems Biology Short Courses @ The Center for Complex Biological Systems.

    The Center for Complex Biological Systems at the University of California, Irvine is excited to announce two new NIH-funded “short courses” in Systems Biology.

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  • 02.13.18 |

    Accepting Applications for the Young Investigator Award for the Sage Assembly.

    The 2018 Sage Assembly will focus on the expanding impact of algorithms on our personalized healthcare and life decisions.

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  • 02.06.18 |

    Announcing a Series of Hands-on High Resolution Imaging Workshops @The M2CH Center.

    The M2CH Center of the Cancer Systems Biology Consortium will host a series of hands-on workshops May 7-11, 2018 on three cutting edge imaging platforms.

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  • 12.01.17 |

    Announcing a Microbiome Data Analysis Workshop Using R/Bioconductor.

    This workshop introduces the common analyses of differential abundance and ordination using the phyloseq, edgeR, and DESeq2.

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  • 10.13.17 |

    CSBC U01 Pre-application Webinar Slides.

    For those of you that missed the pre-application webinar for PAR-16-131 you can find the slides below:

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  • 08.11.17 |

    Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cancer Metastasis Workshop.

    To facilitate interdisciplinary collaborative projects across the CSBC and PS-ON programs and beyond, Sage Bionetworks hosted a two-day workshop in Seattle, WA on June 12-14.

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  • 08.10.17 |

    Cancer Systems Biology Consortium Annual Meeting.

    The CSBC Annual Principal Investigators meeting will be held on October 2-3, 2017 at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA.

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  • 08.10.17 |

    CSBC/PS-ON Junior Investigator Meeting.

    The CSBC and PS-ON Junior Investigator meeting took place in Bethesda, MD on July 11-12. This meeting was organized by CSBC and PS-ON Junior Investigators who drafted the agenda, selected abstracts and invited the speakers.

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  • 08.09.17 |

    NCI Hosts Summer Undergraduate Research Interns.

    The National Cancer Institute’s Division of Cancer Biology hosted 19 students from across the United States for an Undergraduate Research Conference on July 11 – 12, 2017 at NIH’s campus.

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  • 07.21.17 |

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  • 03.24.17 |

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  • 03.08.17 |

    Announcing the Stanford CCSB 5th Annual Symposium.

    The Stanford CCSB will hold its 5th Annual Symposium in Li Ka Shing – Paul Berg Hall at Stanford University on Friday, May 5, 2017. This conference is designed for participants to explore the systems biology approach to understanding cancer progression and treatment response.

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  • 01.26.17 |

    CSBC U54 Pre-application Webinar Slides.

    For those of you that missed the pre-application webinar for RFA-CA-15-014 you can find the slides below:

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  • 01.13.17 |

    Accepting Applications for the Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cancer Metastasis Workshop.

    Applications for the Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cancer Metastasis are now being accepted.

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  • 12.02.16 |

    NCI-sponsored Systems Biology and Physical Oncology Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunity.

    he National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Cancer Systems Biology Consortium and Physical Sciences in Oncology Network are offering rising Junior and Senior undergraduates with outstanding research potential the opportunity to work closely with faculty mentors from NCI-supported institutions for an 8-week summer fellowship.

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  • 09.28.16 |

    CSBC/PSON Mathematical Oncology Handbook Now Online.

    A new resource for the oncology community has been released and is available here!

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  • 09.07.16 |

    CSBC Kickoff Meeting Success.

    The PSON-CSBC Joint Kickoff meeting occurred in Rockville, MD on August 29-31st, 2016. This meeting represented the formal announcement of the four U54 Centers funded under the CSBC as well as new PSOCs added to the PSON.

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  • 09.06.16 |

    Sage Bionetworks named as CSBC coordinating center.

    Sage Bionetworks, a Seattle based non-profit biomedical research organization, was recently named as Coordinating Center for the CSBC and PS-ON awardees.

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  • 09.06.16 |

    Announcing the Gordon Research Conference on Physical Science of Cancer.

    Announcing the Gordon Research Conference on Physical Science of Cancer

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  • 09.05.16 |

    CSBC kicks off with four new research centers.

    The CSBC has officially kicked off with the funding of four U54 research centers. These centers will join the currently-funded U01 projects. Stay tuned for more updates from these centers!