iSCIENCE Call for Manuscripts: “Biophysics of tumor-immune dynamics”

iScience is inviting research manuscripts for consideration in an upcoming special issue, “Biophyosics of tumor-immune dynamics.” This issue will focus the physical basis of the immune response mechanism against cancer, and how cancer cells acquire immune-evasive features. Example topics include:
  • Theoretical and mathematical models of cancer evolution and immune response
  • Physical and mechanical property measurements of cancer and immune cells
  • Immunophysical applications and discovery platforms
  • Physical characteristics of cancer and immune cells by computational analysis of omics data
  • Metabolomic changes reflecting physical properties of cancer and immune cells
More information can be found at https://www.cell.com/iscience/special-issues/call-for-papers/biophysics-of-tumor-immune-dynamics. Submission deadline is April 20 2022.