NIH Funded Short Course @ UCI

Systems Biology, A Foundation for Interdisciplinary Careers

This course covers multiple topics in systems biology and is targeted both toward individuals with backgrounds in the mathematical, computational or physical sciences as well as individuals with biological or biomedical backgrounds. It emphasizes mentoring and skills development for dealing with the unique challenges of following an interdisciplinary career path. It is open to trainees and established researchers; includes lecture, small-group instruction, and laboratory components, as well as mentoring and networking opportunities.

The course will be held from Jan 13-31, 2020 on the UC Irvine campus and followed by the Regional Conference in Systems Biology on Saturday, Feb 1st, 2020 at UC Riverside.

It Is supported by a five-year NIH grant (R25-GM126365). Space is limited.

Detailed information about the course can be found on the Center for Complex Biological Systems home page (http://ccbs.uci.edu), or by clicking on the course title above.

Link to the flyer here.