Sage Bionetworks named as CSBC coordinating center

Sage Bionetworks, a Seattle based non-profit biomedical research organization, was recently named as Coordinating Center for the CSBC and PS-ON awardees.

Sage aims to foster an open scientific culture in which individual researchers rapidly collaborate across institutional borders. Sage is committed to creating sustainable community resources and developing data-driven method to better predict the course of human health and disease. Through experience in developing Synapse, an IRB-approved, could-based data-hosting informatics platform, Sage is able to enhance communication and grow communities of scientists with diverse skill sets. As the coordinating center, Sage aims to promote the exchange of data, models, computational tools, and other resources among CSBC and PS-ON Centers and with the broader scientific community through the use of the Synapse Platform, centralized resources, pilot projects and DREAM challenges in oncology.