Working Groups

Working Groups

Collaboration in the CSBC is driven by working groups that engage scientists along scientific themes so that they can share data, tools and resources to cooperatively solve common sets of challenges. The working groups have a variety of outcomes and can go through stages of activity depending on investigator interests.

Cancer Metabolism

Goal: To discuss common interests and challenges and share tools, data and expertise to study cancer metabolism. Current Status: Monthly meetings on 3rd Fridays.


Cell and Tissue Mechanics

Goal: To discuss the interplay between genomics and mechanics in tumor evolution (held in collaboration with Physical Sciences in Oncology Network). Current status: Monthly meetings on 2nd Thursdays.


Image Analysis

Goal: To share and benchmark tools and tackle common challenges in image data analysis. Current status: Monthly meetings on Tuesdays.


Tumor Deconvolution

Goal: To provide a platform and challenge to benchmarks tools that deconvolve bulk tumor RNA-seq samples. Current status: Biweekly meetings on Fridays, focused on DREAM Challenge.


Education and Outreach

Goal: To discuss opportunities for education and outreach of CSBC concepts to the cancer research community and the public. Current status: Monthly meetings on 2nd Tuesdays.


Resource and Data Sharing 

Goal: To discuss best practices for data sharing among teams, within each program, across programs and beyond. Current Status: Monthly meetings on 3rd Tuesdays.


Single-cell RNAseq

Goal: To identify and address cross-cutting themes and challenges arising from this fast-changing technology. Current status: Inactive.


Protein-Protein Interactions

Goal: Sharing tools and resources for studying protein-protein interactions. Current status: subgroup collaborative project ongoing.