Cancer Systems Biology Consortium

2021 Network Modeling Virtual Summer School & Hackathon

By the end of this week-long course, participants will have learned how to construct, simulate, and validate a biochemical differential equation-based model using the model development package, Tellurium, and programming in Python. Participants will also explore building a Docker container to distribute their model and simulation studies. An optional hacking day will be provided so that participants can consult the tutors on how skills learned in the course can be applied to their biological problem of interest.  Post-course support and collaboration will be available to continue simulation development.

2021 Virtual PhysiCell Workshop and Hackathon

PhysiCell is an open source, agent-based simulation framework for simulating complex multicellular systems. It simulates the chemical environment (diffusion of substrates and signaling factors), individual cell behaviors, and cell-cell interactions. It can be tailored to a broad variety of problems in cancer, infectious diseases, developmental biology, immunology, micro-ecosystems, and more.

Learn more at and DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1005991

This NCI-funded workshop and hackathon will award a $1500 honorarium for up to 30 participants in consideration for their participation and to defray personal costs. Applicants should have prior experience in C++ or Python, with an interest in multicellular modeling.

See for updates and the full agenda, or follow @PhysiCell on Twitter.